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At Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center (AVSEC), we value your feedback. It is our mission to provide the highest level of compassionate specialty and emergency veterinary care to our patients, and to treat their guardians with respect and empathy. We welcome your comments, and look forward to hearing from you.

Check out the testimonials some of our clients have left about AVSEC, or send us your own:

“I have had to go to Alpenglow in the middle of the night twice. Both times I found them to be compassionate, honest, and caring. My pets were well looked after, and I found the pricing quite reasonable. It’s the only place I’ll take my pets in an emergency. I am deeply grateful for their practice.” ~Heather W.

“We sought internal medicine consultation for a persistent, deep cough in our elderly Labrador Retriever. While the diagnosis was unfortunate (tumor in her chest), we found the care she received kind and professional. Dr. Nolan patiently explained costs and rationale for diagnostic studies, probable type of tumor, options for treatment, and prescribed palliative therapy.” ~William R.

“Alpenglow has been great for our family. They have treated both my cat and my dog, while it is less expensive at our regular vet, sometimes medical attention is needed right away-and you won’t find a better facility, better staff, or level of care in Boulder.” ~Chris P.

“My little dog has congestive heart failure, was coughing and breathing with difficulty. I took him to Alpenglow where he was put into an oxygen box, tested and treated with medication. I can’t say enough about how well he was cared for and the communication I was able to have with the technicians and cardiologist. He is doing much better now.” ~Ele P.

“I’ve used Alpenglow for enough panicked emergencies where they lovingly saved my dogs that I finally feel compelled to write a review (that I should have done a long time ago). A couple years ago one my dogs came down with IMHA which is a blood disease where the white blood cells attack the red blood cells. Needless to say it’s often fatal and very scary. The Alpenglow team did an incredible job of healing our poor pup in a loving and caring way including lots of emotional support for me, my wife and our distraught kids. Our dachshund ended up spending 10 or 11 days with them. Frequent visiting hours and a great staff were critical to making the whole experience bearable. After she was released from Alpenglow their vets worked very closely with our regular vet for another 4 months (with no additional bills!) as she continued to need regular blood draws and weekly check-ins. We’ve had a number of other late night and weekend emergency visits to address all the usual sprains, choking on chicken bones and other scary things that dogs do to themselves – always after the regular vet is closed. In every case they’ve been fast, comforting and effective. On my last panicked visit there with a choking dog I called from the car and said I was coming and based only on my caller id they had pulled up all the records on my border collie and had a vet waiting to treat her for choking on a bone stuck in her throat. I highly recommend Alpenglow and I trust them with the lives of all three of my dogs.” ~Corin O.

“Wow. It was amazing to have the best professional help when our dear doggie was in such pitiful shape when we brought him in, very late on a Sunday night no less. These folks got to him right away and the Vet was already giving him the once over, just having come out of surgery. Great explanation for what was going on and the advice and medication was spot on. Our dog fully recovered in just a few days. If that wasn’t enough, these folks took the time to call and see how he was doing! Talk about service with a smile – haven’t seen that for a long time. What an awesome place – 5 stars all around – thank you!!” ~Larry M.

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