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At Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center (AVSEC), we value your feedback. It is our mission to provide the highest level of compassionate specialty and emergency veterinary care to our patients, and to treat their guardians with respect and empathy. We welcome your comments, and look forward to hearing from you.

Check out the testimonials some of our clients have left about AVSEC, or send us your own:

“I woke up in the middle of the night to my 6-year old cat vomiting and open mouth breathing. It was clear that he was in respiratory distress. I live up in Black Hawk – Boulder is the closest ER Vet. Alpenglow was the one I called and headed down to. I got down to Boulder in 45 minutes (at 3 am), and they took my cat straight back on put him on oxygen. Within an hour, I had a diagnosis, and an honest estimate of what it would take to not only keep him alive, but what we would be looking at for the rest of his (now shortened) life including daily medication. The estimate, while high, was accurate and my cat is doing great now. We had a recheck appt a week later where they included a nail trim, extra cat food and pill pockets when they sent him home. I highly recommend Alpenglow, especially for specialty services. We will see the cardiologist for the rest of my cat’s life.” ~Lora B.

“Had a great experience at Alpenglow. Had to bring my yellow lab in on a Sunday evening when he was crying while peeing and acting very odd in nature. A vet tech immediately evaluated him, saw blood in his urine, and he was then evaluated by the vet, who was great. They showed me a full estimate of each charge so very transparent of what a full diagnostic set would cost. Then, the vet and vet tech kept me updated during each diagnostic piece and subsequent analysis (x rays, blood work, etc). Everyone was also extremely friendly in the clinic, which put my mind at ease throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend and would go back in the future.” ~Tess S.

“Wonderful place to take your beloved fur baby when you want them to be in the best hands. The staff I encountered were kind, patient, knowledgeable, and empathetic. I had to take my cat in late at night for an emergency, was seen right away, and given results and an action plan quickly. He need a cardiologist and was able to see one there since they have specialists in house. They took great care of my little guy and made me feel comfortable with the treatment he was getting. They kept me updated re: cost periodically so there were no surprises. I highly recommend them!” ~Alissa S.

“Our dog and 10 puppies are alive today because of Alpenglow! Everybody was amazing!!! I cannot more highly recommend them. They saved our GSP who needed a cesarean¬†section to deliver the puppies. I am here to tell you that the puppies are super puppies and thriving at 3 weeks old and Mama has been and continues to be the best Mom and she has healed brilliantly. Thank you from the bottom of all my family’s heart!” ~Brooke K.

“Thank you thank you thank you!!! I just cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Margo Hennet and her team!! They worked tirelessly to help my ‘nephew’ (yes, he happens to be a Shitzu) who ended up in a sudden fight for his life! Not only did they take amazing care of him but they kept his Momma in the loop (& his Auntie) and worked hand in hand with various organizations that help with emergency veterinary costs!! These folks are AMAZING and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Thank you Dr. Hennet!!!‚̧” ~Cassandra D.

“I am a long time customer of Alpenglow. Both of my dogs have had critical conditions that required lengthy hospitalizations and care from both the after hours Emergency team as well as the Internal Medicine team of specialists. I’m not sure how the costs stack up compared to other Emergency vet clinics in Boulder, but I do know that the care offered there is the best you can get. We are thrifty, and usually shop around (I even shopped around for the cost of annual physicals/vaccinations for vets), but both of my dogs had complex conditions (IMT and IMHA) that required skill and experience and I am confident that Alpenglow is the only option for dogs needing this kind of care. In fact, my dog with IMHA ended up needing a transfer to the world renowned CSU teaching hospital because his case became too complex and required treatment not available at Alpenglow, and the doctor treating him there is a colleague of the specialists at Alpenglow. They work with you on costs, and my estimates have always been very close to spot on or over-estimates. I have found the vet techs really kind and knowledgeable. Our dog with ITP passed away here, and the entire staff was wonderfully supportive, quiet, and respectful. I am fairly certain that I have more experience than most with this practice (unfortunately but fortunately) and do not hesitate to suggest them as the first choice for emergency care and/or specialist care for pets.” ~Lauren S.

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