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At Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center (AVSEC), we value your feedback. It is our mission to provide the highest level of compassionate specialty and emergency veterinary care to our patients, and to treat their guardians with respect and empathy. We welcome your comments, and look forward to hearing from you.

Check out the testimonials some of our clients have left about AVSEC, or send us your own:

“This place is one of a kind and a state of the art sort of facility. I had a bad emergency with one of my dogs recently and he ended up being transferred here from Boulder ER Vet. I immediately felt at ease once they took my boy in because they were so urgent about his care. They hooked him up to telemetry right away and I knew that if anything went downhill at their facility he would have a better chance than anywhere else. Dr. Booth was there to take my dog in and was very adamant about gathering a full history of my dog. I found this all pertinent and appreciated his thorough manner in intake. My dog was kept overnight and even though I was worried about the outcome of his emergency as he was having cardiac issues, I truly felt that all doctors on board and other staff members (technicians, nurses, etc) really knew what they were doing when it came to his care. The next morning cardiology came in to consult about my dogs heart. Dr. Derek Hanes is amazing! He has outstanding bed side manner. I can tell he is passionate about his work and also has a great understanding of cardiovascular issues and health. He explained everything that was going on with my dog in detail and is so kind and also allowed me to ask questions and speak. I’ve encountered doctors for humans and vets that don’t want the patient or owners input at all and that is always what stands out to me when it comes to patient care (a doctor or vet that lets you speak too!) Derek is so great in all ways when it comes to patient care. When I first received a phone call after my pet was kept overnight with alpenglow I quickly realized “this guy knows what he’s doing and quickly figured out what to do and how to help manage my pet.” Dr Hanes also connected one issue with my pet to the main issue that my dog was presenting with. I highly recommend this facility if your pet has to be transferred, or simply seen for cardiovascular and other issues. We have a couple more appointments with alpenglow/Dr. Hanes, and I enjoy them each time as I know my dog is receiving optimal care and will be absolutely fine. It can be especially difficult passing your beloved pet on to other people during critical times but I can assure you if you are put in that position and end up here your pet will be in good hands.” ~Madeleine G.

“Fantastic staff and doctors. They’re not cheap but reasonable for emergency room visit and no surprises on the bill. I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again for trauma” ~Scott S.

“Excellent service. My smaller dog was viciously attacked by a larger, mean dog. He sustained some fang wounds that needed attention. my guy needed a drain put in the wound to help prevent infection. They let me know things were going as the visit progressed, and gave me an estimate of the charges before proceeding with any procedure. They gave great discharge info and great anticipatory guidance for the recovery ahead. The time before this, they were similarly great and very nice, as well as efficient. This is the place to go when your pet has an emergency that you vet is closed or is of higher acuity.” ~Mr. Manager

“Alpenglow is the best emergency vet clinic I have ever experienced. They were very kind and compassionate to us and we sure appriciate that. My dog Pia had a 3 inch deep cut during our hike in Nederland Co . So we drove to Boulder to get her stiched up and the moment we stepped inside the clinic, front desk to Nurse and the Vet everyone was very helpful and kind to me. Special Thanks to Dr. Cari Anderson. Dr. Anderson not only did a wonderful job stiching her leg but also she was so confident and kind and patient with me , while I was paranoid, stressed, dysfuntional and was crying because I thought my baby girl will die from Anesthesia and she assured me that Pia will be fine and explained how it works . That was really COMFORTING and that’s all I needed at that moment. I wish all the vet were like Dr. Cari Anderson. She is the BEST and her stuff also the best. Pia and I Highly recommended Alpenglow . ~Sonia J.

“My 5 year old daughter/Australian Shepard recently contracted HGE while I was out of town and without cell service. My sister rushed her to Alpenglow and I am so happy she did. Im not sure if my Supergirl would still be here otherwise. My sister told me she loved all the doctors and nurses, and since I’ve returned they’ve done a great job keeping me updated. Thank you Alpenglow!!!” ~Ray N.

“Thank you for the work that you do! Thank you for your comforting words and helping me and my family out with our baby Lola, thank you for being so sympathetic to our loss, thank you to Dr. Shira Feinstein for doing everything she could do for our sweet girl Lola, thank your for the card that you send with your condolences, everyone there was so sweet and understanding with our grief thank you thank you.” ~Mayra M.

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