Nichole Pierce

Nichole was born and raised in Northern Colorado. She moved to Hawaii and then to California where she graduated with a bachelors degree in Zoology. In California, she rescued seals and sea lions off the beach and nursed them back to health at a rehab center. After graduation she moved back home with her adorable dog, Aspen and started school to become a CVT. She joined Aspen Meadow at Alpenglow in November of 2015 where she is learning how to become a patient care nurse. Eventually she would like to do rescue and/or rehab with wild animals again. Nichole is very excited to be apart of the Aspen Meadow team especially since Aspen needs all the health care in the world since Nichole has been employed with them! Aspen (who was given her name before mom got this job) always receives the utmost care from the doctors and nurses!