Valerie Reynolds

Valerie is originally from Spokane, WA. When she was 16 years old, she moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to follow her dream of becoming a professional snowboarder. Several concussions and plenty of surgeries later, Valerie made the decision to put her efforts and focus into school and her future. She graduated from CU in May with a Bachelor’s degree in EBIO. Ever since she was a child, Valerie has talked about being a veterinarian, and she took the necessary courses during her college career. She has volunteered at Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital and has fostered dogs in Fort Collins. Valerie is very excited to get the experience of working in an emergency animal clinic. In her free time she enjoys snowboarding all over Colorado, long boarding around Boulder, camping and climbing, practicing yoga and hanging out with her animals at home. She has a 5 year old cat named Koba, a ball python named Medusa, a leopard gecko named Charmander, and one of her room mates is a 2 year old Sheppard mix. His name is Max.