Family Veterinarian Collaboration

Family Veterinarian Referrals

If your pet requires more advanced care or diagnostics than your family veterinarian can provide, your family veterinarian will likely suggest a consultation or further workup by one of our Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center (AVSEC) specialists. Alpenglow’s specialists work collaboratively with your family veterinarian in order to provide an extension of their services, to provide a second opinion, or perform more advanced diagnostic or treatment options.

This referral is similar to when your family doctor refers you to an orthopedic surgeon for a serious knee injury. Your family veterinarian works closely with our specialists to provide the most appropriate care and latest techniques to help ensure your pet’s recovery. That is why they seek the expertise of our board-certified specialists and utilize our after-hours care.

AVSEC communicates all treatment plans, office visits, and diagnostic results with your family veterinarian every time your pet comes to our hospital, so you’ll never have to worry that your pet’s regular veterinarian is out of the loop. If your pet requires hospitalization, our specialists will also consult regularly via phone with your family veterinarian throughout your pet’s stay.

If your pet requires hospitalization and is transferred directly to AVSEC for overnight care, there is no charge for the physical examination by Alpenglow’s emergency veterinarian. You will receive a full estimate for all expected hospitalization charges after the exam is completed. For more information, please see our Payment Policies.

Outpatient Ultrasounds

If your family veterinarian recommends that your pet receive an abdominal or thoracic ultrasound at AVSEC, you or your veterinarian can call us at 303-443-GLOW (4569) to schedule an appointment. A technician will discuss all of the options available to you along with the cost.  Once you have spoken with the technician, then the ultrasound can be scheduled.  The AVSEC receptionist will contact your family veterinarian to obtain an ultrasound request form.  Appointments are generally available within 24 hours of your phone call.

When you bring your pet to our facility, the AVSEC receptionist will check you in, and an AVSEC technician will bring your pet back to shave the area being ultrasounded. Unfortunately, due to liability and space, you will NOT be able to accompany your pet during the ultrasound, but our experienced staff will return them to you as soon as the procedure is completed.

The radiologist will conduct the ultrasound, which takes approximately 30-60 minutes, and afterwards, he or she will call your family veterinarian to discuss the results. The AVSEC receptionist will also fax a hard copy of the report to your family veterinarian as soon as the report is completed, and your vet will call you the day of the appointment to discuss the results and what they mean in the context of your pet’s case.

If your family veterinarian refers you to one of AVSEC’s specialists for a consultation in addition to your ultrasound, there will be a charge for both the ultrasound and the consultation, and one of Alpenglow’s veterinarians will discuss the results of the ultrasound with you. Otherwise, all further communication regarding your pet’s case and prognosis will be managed through your family veterinarian.