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At Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center (AVSEC), we value your feedback. It is our mission to provide the highest level of compassionate specialty and emergency veterinary care to our patients, and to treat their guardians with respect and empathy. We welcome your comments, and look forward to hearing from you.

Check out the testimonials some of our clients have left about AVSEC, or send us your own:

“Dr. Hanes took Very good care of my boy Marco. He was very compassionate and explained everything to us completely so we understood our options. I recommend him and Alpenglow to anyone needing emergency care for their furbabies.” ~Julie V.

“Alpenglow is a wonderful emergency vet! My dog and I went there last night, as she had a deep gash in her leg. We received high-quality care from the wonderful team from start to finish, from the front desk to checking out. My dog is dog aggressive, and they handled my concerns about her being around other animals very well — I had no worries. The visit ended up taking less time and costing quite a bit less than they initially quoted, which was also really great. I would definitely recommend this as an emergency vet if you need one!” ~Kat B.

“My precious cat was attacked by a pit bull, I was an emotional wreck and they not only took great care of my baby but they made sure I was ok too. Highly recommended ❤” ~Chrissy B

“Fantastic staff. The reception is incredibly warm and caring, even chatting with me as I was upset while I waited to hear about some test results for my dog. The doctors are also great. Very explanatory and helpful while you’re there, and even in the post-op portion of things. Dr. Nolan has been great with checking in on my dog to help me find the best treatment plan for her. Yes, sometimes the wait is long, but that is typical of most ERs. Incredibly grateful to have found such an attentive and caring staff for my pup.” ~Rebecca H. 

“Dr. Kevin Castle, and the vet techs were awesome here. Last night, I had to bring in my 13yo Boston Terrier because she suddenly couldn’t stand, was sticking her legs out at odd angles, and rolling/flailing on the floor when I wasn’t holding her tight. Very scary….I got in quickly, and while I ended up spending 2 hours there, and just over $300, the staff was nothing but thorough, compassionate, professional and accommodating.  I was given a straightforward, and rundown of the likely culprits – brain tumor, electrolyte imbalance, or old dog vestibular disease, the diagnostic options and treatment options. Then together, we customized a plan that was respectful of my pocketbook and my diagnostic/treatment wishes. The stress of the urgent situation was minimized by the clean, professional, kind approach of the staff and I would highly recommend them for future emergencies.” ~Ann P. 

“I had to take my dog in on Saturday to Emergency Services.  The staff here were very professional and caring.  I did have a long wait due to a true emergency but I was checked on regularly and the situation was explained to me.  Dr. Cari Anderson apologized for the delay and quickly addressed the issue with my 11 year old Scottish Terrier.  She explained all the options and made good recommendations for her care.  And she took time with me!  If only our human doctors would treat us as well and actually take time to talk to us!  My dog ended up being hospitalized at their location and was given tender and loving care with phone calls from both the doctor and the nurse updating me on her condition regularly.  They even went over and beyond their duties to make sure she was comfortable.  I was assured by the receptionist that when they’re not busy, the pets are loved on and played with.  Thanks to Dr. Anderson, Nurse Brook and the rest of the staff for your professional and loving care of my beloved dog.  I hope I don’t have to make any more emergency visits but I would definitely head right to Alpenglow Veterinary Clinic.” ~ Carol J.  

“It simply does not get any better than Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency. My darling Italian Greyhound Zoey was diagnosed with immune mediated polyarthritus which turned out to be secondary to systemic lupus in November 2016. I didn’t know dogs could get lupus or what the disease entitled, but let me tell you it is devastating. The amount of secondary diseases and number of medications to follow were significant. Dr. Monaghan was Zoey’s primary specialist, but Dr. Nolan would take care of our Zoey on her days off. They were professional, knowledgeable, understanding, helpful, and kind. I frequently would send emails to ask questions and they always responded in a timely fashion. The nurses, special shout out to Sarah and Destiny, were so loving and talented. Whenever Zoey needed an over night hospital stay they always made sure she received all the snuggles possible. (She can be very bossy for attention!) The front desk receptionist were always caring, personable, helpful and just all around great people. A special shout out to Candy and Chrissy! It was a long 17 month battle, but sadly Zoey lost this battle on April 12, 2018. Needless to say I was completely heartbroken. Every single staff member was supportive and empathetic when it happened. We all cried and hugged that day. I hated that Zoey needed to go to the doctor so often, but loved seeing the staff members. It is going to take a lot of adjusting to not having them in my life anymore. Truly people, if your pet needs a specialist or emergency care this is the place to go. I would not have handled the stress and trauma of it all if it weren’t for the staff. Nor would Zoey have had an extra 17 months of life. I will forever be grateful for all they did for my Zoey.” ~Katie E. 

“Thank you so much for taking in the little wild bunny that had a broken leg and needed a mercy euthanasia!! Your staff was sympathetic and very gentle with the little bunny. I’ll be coming to your facility if my cats ever have an emergency.” ~Mandy M.

“I had to bring my cat Champ in for a urinary obstruction. Anyone who has gone through this knows what a terrifying and uncertain predicament this can be for the animal. Everyone I dealt with was extremely empathetic, honest and kind. I was overbearing and called multiple times a day, came in to visit Champ, and had many questions regarding options, pricing etc. I feel confident that they gave Champ great care. Sure it cost a lot but I felt that it was all appropriate and always in the best interest of my cat. He’s on the mend now and we’re both very happy” ~Braden A.


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