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CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)/DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)

To allow for optimal treatment of your pet(s), all patients hospitalized at Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center are assigned a CPR code. This code enables AVSEC to carry out your wishes if it becomes necessary during or following an emergency.

If it becomes necessary during your pet's visit/stay, would you like us to administer CPR?

Please note, we will attempt to contact you immediately for further instruction and discussion of your pet's condition if CPR is initiated.


Financial Information (optional):

In the event that I am unreachable by phone, I hereby authorize Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center (AVSEC) to do what is necessary to stabilize my pet in an emergency situation.


These measures may include (but are not limited to): Radiographs (X-rays), laboratory testing, and injection or pain medication administrations. These initial diagnostic/treatment measures may cost $400-$600. I understand that further testing may be necessary.


A thorough exam will be performed by the staff veterinarian. Once I am reached by telephone, myself and the veterinarian will create a comprehensive treatment plan for your pet, and an estimate will be prepared. I understand I will be responsible for any charges incurred at the time of service.

We are happy to provide a tour of our facility and look forward to working with you and your pet! Please call 303.443.GLOW (4569) if you would like to schedule a tour at your convenience.