Ultrasounds + Radiology

Outpatient Ultrasounds

If you recommend that your client’s pet receive an abdominal or thoracic ultrasound at AVSEC, you or your client can call us at 303-443-GLOW (4569) to schedule an appointment. The AVSEC receptionist will contact your office to obtain a filled-out ultrasound request form, and appointments are generally available within 24 hours of your phone call.

Dr. Wendy Fife (DVM, MS, DACVR) and Dr. John Stein (DVM, MS, DACVR ) are veterinary radiologists. They perform outpatient ultrasounds at AVSEC Monday through Friday in the mornings. When clients bring their pets to our facility, the AVSEC receptionist will check them in, and an AVSEC technician will bring their pet back to shave the area being ultrasounded. Unfortunately, due to liability and space, clients will NOT be able to accompany their pets during the ultrasound.

The radiologist¬†will conduct the ultrasound, which takes approximately 30-60 minutes, and afterwards, he or she will call you, the family veterinarian, to discuss the results. The AVSEC receptionist will also fax a hard copy of the report to you as soon as the report is completed, so you can call your client the day of the appointment to discuss the results and what they mean in the context of the pet’s case.

If you would like to make a referral to one of AVSEC’s specialists for a consultation in addition to your ultrasound, please make note on the request form. There will be a charge for both the ultrasound and the consultation, and one of Alpenglow’s veterinarians will take over the case. A copy of the ultrasound report and a referral letter will be sent to you from an Alpenglow veterinarian, and we will transfer the case back to you once the pet is stabilized.

Radiograph Reviews

For potential cardiology patients, Dr. Karen Sanderson provides a free review of radiographs and ECGs to family veterinarians with no obligation to provide referrals.

For potential surgical or internal medicine patients, Dr. Tobin Eshelman, Dr. Kelly Monaghan, and Dr. Ben Nolan will provide free review of radiographs with no obligation to refer. When submitting radiographs for review, please include the radiograph evaluation form, and when possible, submit the radiographs via email.